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Children's Night Art Show

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show   

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

  Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

  Art Show     Art Show     Art Show 

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

Art Show     Art Show    Art Show 

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show     Art Show

Art Show     Art Show     Art Show     Art Show    


Mrs. Amorosi’s class was learning about the states of matter. They had fun exploring the different states by mixing water with cornstarch and food coloring to make oobleck “slime”. 

Amorosi slime


Here are some pictures from PJ Day! The kids had fun going around collecting donations that totaled $592.50.  Yay Mountain Lions! 

PJ Day     PJ Day     PJ Day

Students are practicing Spanish numbers to 20 in Mrs. Horan’s 3rd grade Spanish class.

Horan Spanish     Horan Spanish

Mrs. Englehart's class gets to finish their cars in STEAM class!

Englehart cars     Englehart cars     Englehart cars

Englehart cars     Englehart cars

Mrs. Thorndike's students building FM radios.

fm radios     fm radios     fm radios

fm radios

MAS Hour of Code

Hour of Code     Hour of Code     Hour of Code     Hour of Code     Hour of Code

6th graders in Mrs. Thorndike/Salamone's Science class researched places around the world that are frequently affected by plate movement beneath the ground. With the analysis of this data, they brainstormed and designed actions that humans can take to mitigate these effects. 

plate movement     plate movement     plate movement

Mrs. Meehan's class builds FM radios.

FM radios     FM radios     FM radios


ROAR Rally Snapshots- Mountain Lions have a visit from our villains.  Superheroes to the rescue!!

ROAR Rally     ROAR Rally     ROAR Rally

ROAR Rally     ROAR Rally

5th graders working on Grinch Writing!

Grinch writing     Grinch writing     Grinch writing
Mrs. Amorosi's class building games in STEAM class.

Amorosi steam games      Amorosi steam games      Amorosi steam games

Amorosi steam games     Amorosi steam games

Mrs. Reich's class and STEAM building activities.

Reich steam building    Reich steam building     Reich steam building     Reich steam building     Reich steam building 
Learning about holidays in breakout rooms in Mrs. Murphy's class.
Murphy holidays
MAS students learned about different holiday celebrations in an assembly today.  Thank you, PTA!!
assembly     assembly     assembly
Building the rock cycle in Mrs. McCurdy's class!
McCurdy Rocks


6th grade ELA analyzes conflicts and themes in Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet using text evidence, organization activities, and taking turns being the teacher.

Salamone Hatchet     Salamone Hatchet     Salamone Hatchet

Salamone Hatchet     Salamone Hatchet

Working on context clues with friends in Mrs. Murphy's class!
Murphy context
Mrs. McCurdy's class is all about Saving Our Ugly Feathered Friends! We debated which president did first turkey pardon, and wrote essays about how to best disguise your turkey to keep it off the dinner table. Check out all those great decorated turkeys!
McCurdy turkeys     McCurdy turkeys
Mansion Avenue PBIS is going strong. The 4th Annual Pancake Breakfast is back and better than ever! Serving over 270 students for their positive ROAR behaviors!
pancake breakfast
Mrs. Gilbert's science class reconstructing the supercontinent Pangaea.
Gilbert Pangaea     Gilbert Pangaea     Gilbert Pangaea
Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Rehn's class doing a GCF and LCM Scavenger Hunt.
scavenger hunt     scavenger hunt     scavenger hunt
Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Rehn's class researching and exploring different types of tectonic plate boundaries.
plate tectonics     plate tectonics     plate tectonics     plate tectonics
Classifying rocks in Mrs. Murphy's class.
Murphy rocks
Multiplication fun with friends in Mrs. Murphy's class.
Murphy multiplicatin
Partner reading in Mrs. Reich's class with our remote friends online.
Reich partner read     Reich partner read     Reich partner read
Grade 6 text tasting to notice informational openings!
text tasting
Cafeteria friends at Mansion!  ROAR!
Cafe friends
Here are Mrs. Saunders’ 3rd grade students acting out greetings (Hola= Hello) and also how they are feeling (mal= bad) with their faces and bodies in Spanish class with Mrs. Karageorgis.
Saunders greeting     Saunders greeting
Chemical and Physical Weathering in Mrs. McCurdy's Class.
McCurdy weather
Working in groups to read and annotate The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo in Mrs. Reich’s class.

Reich annotate     Reich annotate

Reich annotate     Reich annotate

Mrs. Reich's STEAM class practicing cardboard connections.

Reich STEAM     Reich STEAM     Reich STEAM

Reich STEAM     Reich STEAM

Mrs. Amorosi's STEAM class making cardboard connections.
Amorosi STEAM     Amorosi STEAM     Amorosi STEAM
Three students from Mrs. Saunders class reading to Mrs. Gilbert's class using a PAWS reward.
Saunders read
5th grade students are learning basic sewing stitches for creative stitchery in art class.
Sewing     Sewing     Sewing
Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Rehn's class researching the History of Earth's Layers.  Students worked with partners to determine the tectonic plate boundaries and the commonalities of volcanoes and earthquakes along those boundaries.
Gilbert earth     Gilbert earth     Gilbert earth     Gilbert earth
4th grade Mrs. Murphy’s class learned weather conditions in Spanish. They use TPR (total physical response) to act out the weather as they pronounce the phrases.
Below is: It’s sunny (Hace sol), It’s hot (Hace calor) and It’s windy (Hace viento).
murphy weather     murphy weather     murphy weather
Ms. Amorosi's class singing the African piece, "Obwisana" while having a competitive bean bag toss! The concept was working on 1st and 2nd Endings in music where students each took one step back after the 2nd ending.
Amorosi music     Amorosi music     Amorosi music     Amorosi music
Mrs. Miller's class was working on finding supporting text evidence in a given passage.
text evidence     text evidence
Mrs. Miller's class was conducting a science experiment to explore chemical weathering.
chemical weather     chemical weather     chemical weather
Third graders in Mrs. Saunders’ class building weather structures that can withstand Blizzards, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or Floods.
Weather Structures     Weather Structures     Weather Structures
6th grade created a life-size “x/y coordinate grid” on the floor. They plotted points, found the coordinate pairs and calculated the distances to find the perimeter of polygons.
x/y coordinate grid     x/y coordinate grid     x/y coordinate grid     x/y coordinate grid
Mrs. McFetridge's class built machines in STEAM class to push paper into goals.

Steam     Steam     Steam


Mr. Rehn’s math class took a multiplication test and all of these students got a hundred! They are now the multiplication kings and queens!
Math Facts
The sixth graders in Mrs. Thorndike's class fused math and science to create an accurately scaled-down version of our solar system on the floor. This group found the distances to be so large between each planet that they needed  to continue their model out into the hallway! 
Solar System
The Hurricanes group is taking notes with Mrs. Horan about their storm for their informational writing piece. 
Building math literacy with our friends in RTI.
math literacy
4th Grade Spanish 4B acting out weather. (It’s windy!)
Spanish weather
Student artwork from Red Ribbon Week.  Be drug free!

Red Ribbon Week     Red Ribbon Week     Red Ribbon Week

 Red Ribbon Week 

Pictures of band rehearsal- getting ready for our holiday concert!

Band      Band      Band


STEAM class- First inventions with fifth grade.



Here are students in Mr. Rehn’s HR showing off their Día de Los Muertos coloring pages.
Day of the Dead
Students in third-grade Wilson are drawing illustrations after they decode each word given. During class, they have been focusing on reading and spelling closed-syllable words; with and without digraphs (wh, ch, sh, th, ck). 
Here are students from Mrs. Gilbert's class working together as a team playing Quizlet Live! to study for our Space Science Assessment. 
Quizlet Live!          Quizlet Live!


Working through the Zones of Regulation, our SEL curriculum.
SEL          SEL
From Mr. Ellinwood's music class, African drumming to The Ghost of John.
African Drumming
Grade 4- Finding textual evidence with our friends
Finding evidence
Here's a snapshot of one of our 5th grade Spanish classes learning about the Day of the Dead celebration.
Day of the Dead
Students watched a model volcano erupt. Students drew pictures of the various different kinds of volcanoes and labeled the parts by using sidewalk chalk. The MAS playground became the Ring of Fire. These are students from Mrs. Miller's Class.
Volcanoes            Volcanoes           Volcanoes
The MAS Advanced band in BAND IN THE STANDS for homecoming!  Marching band is awesome!
MAS Advanced Band           MAS Advanced Band           MAS Advanced Band
MAS Advanced Band           MAS Advanced Band
 MAS Advanced Band           MAS Advanced Band           MAS Advanced Band
Grade 4 science project- fun with VOLCANOS! Eruptions of delight from volcanic exploration! 
Volcanoes          Volcanoes          Volcanoes
You've seen us read- now watch us do math!  Subtracting with Zeros Task Cards in grade 5!
We're working in small reading groups in Grade 3!  And do you see our red to celebrate Red Ribbon Week?  Proud to be drug free!
Small Group
Seeing Stars! Check out these super readers!  SUPER readers even read during recess!
Super Readers          Super Reader
It's Independent Reading Time, 2:30 - dismissal each day.  Mountain Lions are reading, conferencing with teachers, and working on reading fluency.
Independent Reading          Independent Reading          Independent Reading
Media Center- This year we purchased an online Database built for K-6 students called PebbleGo (K-2) and PebbleGoNext (3-6) and students were introduced to it yesterday. They can search for nonFiction information in multiple ways and use different features to increase understanding. It includes ESL support.
Media Center
Fourth grade students showing growth mindset by solving math puzzles.
Math Puzzles
Mrs. Gilbert's 6th grade science class creating scaled distance models of the solar system.
Solar System     Solar System     Solar System     Solar System
Mrs. Gilbert's RTI class creating life size numbers out of popsicle sticks and index cards.
Numbers          Numbers          Numbers
Students attended a Super ROAR Rally last month at Mansion Avenue. Together they shared laughs, cheers and learned about
ROAR expectations! Thank you to our SUPER staff for dressing up and putting on an excellent show!
ROAR Rally          ROAR Rally          ROAR Rally
September Students of the Month. SUPERSTUDENTS!!
September Students of the Month
MAS Advanced Band- Gettin' ready for Band in the Stands on Oct 23rd!
Advanced Band          Advanced Band          Advanced Band


We are highlighting Mr. Ellinwood's music class today!  Students had fun doing an activity- bouncing
basketballs to the rhythm.  At the end of the activity, students asked to make a rainbow.  So fun!
Mrs. McCurdy's Music Class
The MAS picnic tables have arrived.  We are excited to have an outdoor cafe!  
Picnic table          Picnic table
The "Brain Break" Hallway was developed with help from our Physical Therapist, Trish Bevelheimer, and the Counselors, Cara Novick and Chrissy Batra. This hall provides a safe place for students to do a few activities that can help them center and focus.

Brain Break          Brain Break Hall          Brain Break Hall

Brain Break Hall          Brain Break Hall          Brain Break Hall