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Preschool & Kindergarten 2022-2023 Registration Notice

Preschool students are learning about buildings. Take a look at the architects of the future. Wow!

Please see the following message from the Preschool Principal:


Audubon Preschool Families,

I am writing with a few brief announcements for preschool families. Given the timely nature of our opening next week, I felt this was the best way to reach everyone.

  • Full day classes begin Monday, October 4, at 8:20 am.
  • In order to provide seamless instruction without an interruption to our current program, the Meet the Teacher event has been rescheduled.
  • Please plan to join us at your child’s assigned preschool location for a special Meet the Teacher Event - Tuesday, October 12, 2021, 6:00 - 6:45 pm.
  • Teacher assignment letters, class schedules, and breakfast and lunch information will be mailed the morning of Wednesday, September 29.
  • Students will need to bring a pillow, crib sheet, and blanket, along with a snack and water bottle on the first day of school.

More information will be provided in the letter. If you have additional questions, please call the main office of the Haviland School so we can assist you.

We are currently taking names for a wait list. If you have not registered your child, but are interested in the preschool program, please contact the main office at Haviland School. (856) 546-4922 ext. 6212

Thank you for your understanding and support.



Barbie Ledyard

Principal, Audubon Preschool and Haviland Avenue School

Principal, Audubon Preschool/Haviland Avenue School

Barbra Ledyard

(856) 546-4922 ext. 6212


Audubon Park Preschool

2 Road C

Audubon, NJ 08106

Phone: (856) 617-0918 ext. 6301

Fax: (856) 617-0890


Haviland Avenue Elementary School

240 S. Haviland Avenue

Audubon, NJ 08106

Phone: (856) 546-4922 ext. 6212

Fax: (856)547-1248

Audubon Preschool - Bell Schedule

The Bell Schedule can be found on the Bell Schedule page on the Haviland Avenue Elementary School Website.

Go to the Bell Schedule Page


Audubon Park Preschool - Parking Information

The parent parking lot will be accessible via Kennedy Dr. Please refer to the image below for more details.

Audubon Park Preschool Parking Map


Audubon Preschool - Breakfast, Lunch, and Nap

Breakfast After the Bell

Students will report directly to the classroom/cafeteria for breakfast as part of their morning routine. School breakfast offerings will be available to preschool students who choose to participate. Breakfast will consist of a cold option, such as cereal, yogurt, or a muffin and fruit. You may also choose to have breakfast at home or send your own breakfast item with your child.



Parents will be provided with a monthly menu and will pre-order in advance. A menu will be provided and you will be able to choose from 1 hot or 1 cold option daily. You may also choose to pack and send lunch with your child.



Please send your child to school with a healthy snack and a refillable water bottle every day. Snacks will not be provided.


Nap/Quiet Time

Please send a fitted crib sheet, a blanket, and a small, soft pillow with your child each each week for use during nap/quiet time. Label each item with your child’s name and send them in to school in a fabric bag, no plastic please. These items should be sent in on Monday and will be sent home on Friday to be washed and returned.


Audubon Preschool FAQs

Children entering preschool must be at least three years old on or before October 1, 2021.

No, Audubon is proud to offer a tuition-free, FULL DAY preschool program for Audubon Borough and Audubon Park residents as part of the Preschool Expansion Grant.

Yes, all children entering preschool must be toilet trained.

New students will be registered by appointment. Contact the main office at Haviland Elementary to make an appointment. Please note that, due to limited availability, a student may be waitlisted and entered into a lottery, if necessary.

Current half day students will need to complete an Intent to Attend form to confirm full day registration. You will not need to re-register.

Audubon Preschool falls within the walking district of APSD. Transportation will not be provided.

Full day preschool will begin October 4, 2021.

8:20 am - 2:20 pm, Monday - Friday. Preschool will follow the Audubon Public School calendar. Families will be notified of any changes or exceptions in advance.

 One preschool class will attend at Haviland Elementary School

240 S. Haviland Avenue, Audubon, NJ

Two preschool classes will attend the Audubon Park location.

2 “Road C”, Audubon, NJ

We will take requests for location into consideration when scheduling your child. However, we can not guarantee a preferred location at this time.

Your child’s education, happiness, and well-being are extremely important to us. We will certainly take teacher requests into consideration when scheduling your child. However, we can not guarantee teacher preference at this time.

Newly registered families are invited to attend a special Open House at the Audubon Park location on Thursday, September 30, from 9:00 - 10:00 am. Families who attend the Haviland Avenue location will be able to visit the classroom again during parent teacher conferences in December.

Classroom and teacher assignments will be mailed no later than Monday, September, 27. You may call the main office at Haviland if you do not receive your letter or if you have any questions regarding placement.

Both facilities will be overseen by the nursing staff of Audubon Public Schools and you will be notified if your child is ill or needs to be picked up for any reason.

For students who attend the Haviland Avenue location: Parents will drop off and pick up their child on the blacktop at Haviland Avenue Elementary each day.

For students who attend the Audubon Park location: Parents will park in the lot on School Lane and walk their child across the parking lot to drop off and pick up their child each day.

Yes. Breakfast is available for all Audubon Public School students at no cost for the 2021-2022 school year. Preschool students who participate will eat breakfast after the 8:20 bell.

Yes. Lunch is available for all Audubon Public School students at no cost for the 2021 school year. Parents may also elect to pack lunch for their child.

No. Parents will need to send a snack and a water bottle to school with their child every day.

Yes. Nap time is scheduled into the school day for all preschool children.

No. At this time, there is no before or after school care for preschool children.

Audubon Preschool will be using Creative Curriculum, a proven, comprehensive, research based curriculum that teaches preschool children through meaningful play.

No, not at this time. However, Creative Curriculum provides ample opportunities for active play, creative expression, singing and listening to music, and even use of technology where appropriate.

Yes. Students in preschool will continue to receive speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy as part of the school day.

Parents should first contact their child’s teacher for questions regarding the preschool program. If you still need assistance, you may contact Mrs. Ledyard as indicated below.


Mrs. Barbie Ledyard

Principal, Audubon Preschool and Haviland Avenue School       

Audubon Park Preschool

Main Office: (856) 617-0918 ext. 6301

fax: (856) 617-0890



Mrs. Cheri McNellis

Room 3

Jessica Bruck

Room 4





Haviland Avenue School Preschool

Main Office: (856) 546-4922 ext. 6212

fax: (856) 547-1248



Mrs. Linda Rizzo

Room 130



Mrs. Ann Rossi-Alston

(856) 546-4922 ext. 6207