Graduation Requirements

Minimum requirements for graduation include both state and local standards as follows:

  • Students must meet state testing requirements through the PARCC series.
  • Students must meet the attendance standards established by the Audubon Board of Education.
  • Students must meet the minimum proficiencies established for each course at Audubon High School.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 120 credits as detailed below.
  • Additional state testing is anticipated including end of course assessments in Algebra and Biology.


Class of 2018 through 2021

Students in these classes must meet all of the following requirements.  Students must earn 120 credits including the following:

  • 20 credits in English (English I, II, III, and IV)
  • 15 credits in Mathematics including Algebra I or its equivalent and Geometry
  • 15 credits in Science (Biology, Environmental Science/Chemistry and one additional course)
  • 15 credits in Social Studies (10 credits in U.S. History and 5 credits in World History)
  • 5 credits in World Language
  • 5 credits in Career Ed. and Consumer, Family and Life Skills or Vocational - Technical Ed.
  • 5 credits in Visual and Performing Arts
  • 2.5 credits in Economics

In addition, students must pass physical education and health each year.  Students must meet state testing requirements through the PARCC series.  Students must meet all requirements related to attendance.

All courses at Audubon High School are designed to address skills delineated in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core Standards, either through direct instruction or through infusion.  Students who follow the educational program prescribed by their counselors will be prepared to meet success on state-mandated assessments.