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Last Updated: 3/1/2024 8:40 PM

Dr. Andy Davis serves as the Superintendent of Schools for the Audubon Public School District. As the Superintendent, Dr. Davis serves as the Chief School Administrator of the district. He oversees all instruction and programs, fiscal management, governance, operations, and personnel, in accordance with the rules, regulations, and policies of the Board of Education. Dr. Davis was appointed as Audubon’s Superintendent of Schools on October 15, 2018, and began his service on November 1, 2018. He will be retiring from the District and New Jersey Public Schools in June of 2024.











Dr. Davis is an example of an enthusiastic life-long learner. Throughout his life and career, he has gained a broad range of experiences. Dr. Davis strives for district-wide academic excellence through clear and rigorous expectations that are brought out through a thinking curriculum that emphasizes skill development while exploring rich and relevant content. He believes in measuring growth and learning through multiple and varied methods while focusing on and recognizing individual needs and accomplishments. Dr. Davis embraces personalized learning and apprenticeships, in order for learners of all ages to be authentically engaged in school and the greater community. He is an advocate for STEAM and a strong supporter of the co-curricular programs in our schools. Dr. Davis believes in celebrating and sharing the success stories of American schools and continues to champion Audubon’s brand - Pride & Excellence.

Dr. Davis earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Human Performance/Exercise Physiology from Southern Connecticut State University, a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Saint Joseph’s University, a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Joseph’s University, and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. Management, & Policy from Seton Hall University. Dr. Davis’ Master's thesis focused on the “Performance Outcomes in Collegiate Pole Vaulters: An Investigation of Psychological, Biomechanical, and Physiological Variables.” His Doctoral dissertation concentrated on “The Influence of Exposure to Inclusive School Environments on the Mathematical Achievement of General Education Elementary Students.” Dr. Davis has additional graduate-level coursework from the University of Southern California, the University of South Florida, the University of Pennsylvania, and Temple University.


Dr. Davis began his career in public education as an elementary teacher in the Cherry Hill Public School District in New Jersey (1998-2001). As a teacher of fourth grade, Dr. Davis was an active member of district-level curriculum committees in mathematics, science, and social studies. He was trained in and turn-keyed the tenets of the International Baccalaureate Primary Year Program to his colleagues; he also hosted parent training sessions. Dr. Davis sat on the Pupil Advisory Committee (PAC) now referred to as Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS), during this three-year period. He was appointed as the building representative for the teacher’s union, supporting students and staff respectively. Dr. Davis was introduced to the Institute for Learning’s nine principles; 1) organizing for effort, 2) clear expectations, 3) fair and credible evaluations, 4) recognition of accomplishment, 5) academic rigor in a thinking curriculum, 6) accountable talk practices, 7) socializing intelligence, 8) self-management of learning, and 9) learning as apprenticeship. These principles helped to shape his educational philosophy.

With a desire to coach, Dr Davis pursued and obtained a position as a Cherry Hill Middle School Teacher of Mathematics (2001-2004). The track program thrived under his leadership as student participation rose from 85 to over 150 student-athletes. The athletes improved times and distances by focusing on personal bests/records. The team came in second place at the league championship in Dr. Davis’ third and final year as head coach. As an active supporter of his colleagues, Dr. Davis continued his leadership position in the teacher’s union where he served as a representative for his second round of contract negotiations (elementary and middle school lead). His training in contract negotiations and overall teacher support helped him in his collegial service as a building liaison, grievance, and staff training and support lead. While in the middle school, Dr. Davis continued his personal learning of the tenets of IB through national training sessions. He continued his work on district committees including mathematics, character education, and staff evaluation. His framework for a clinical model of teacher evaluation and mentoring was solidified through work with the Cherry Hill Evaluation Committee, Bena Kalick, and Charlotte Danielson;  Dr. Davis co-chaired the two-year committee with the Director of Curriculum. Throughout his time in Cherry Hill, Dr. Davis served as a member of the District Character Education Committee and the New Jersey Character Education Network. Through these experiences and more, Dr. Davis was driven to continue his education and obtain his administrative certificate.  

Dr. Davis advanced from classroom teacher to administration at Pleasant Valley Elementary School in Harrison Township in New Jersey (2004-2009). Dr. Davis served as the sole administrator in the large upper elementary school serving nearly 700 students. During this five-year period, he was the chairperson for the I&RS and 504 committees; he also sat in on all special education planning meetings. Dr. Davis was trained in Universal Design for Learning through a group from Harvard University and as a result, he championed a heterogeneous in-class support model for general- and special-education students. Through his student-centered focus, Dr. Davis and his team were able to deliver a multi-tiered system of support through well-thought-out, preplanned, comprehensive, and complex schedules. The building schedules met the needs of at-risk, reluctant, on-grade level, and advanced learners. His understanding and direct involvement in technology purchases and initiatives brought the building and classrooms wireless in 2006; the student-to-device ratio was 3 to 1 at Pleasant Valley School decades before one-to-one initiatives were being discussed. Dr. Davis’ learning supports included professional development opportunities for faculty, staff (administrative assistants, custodial and maintenance, and paraprofessionals), and parents. Dr. Davis is also proud of the school-wide science fair that was started under his leadership; everyone (parents, students, teachers, and Rowan University faculty and students) was involved in this two-day and one-evening event. It was through these comprehensive practices that he was able to advance a strong-performing school to the highest level.   

Dr. Davis was promoted to a district-level position as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. This position evolved into him holding the duties of the Chief Academic Officer also known as Assistant Superintendent. His responsibilities included the completion of numerous State reports including but not limited to staff evaluations, state testing, student management systems, and the various ESEA Grants (Title I, II, III, IV, and V). He also oversaw all aspects of the district curriculum and instruction. Through his collaborative work with his colleagues and staff, the Harrison Township professional development became truly job-embedded teacher-specific, and sustainable. Staff opportunities included in- and out-of-district opportunities which occurred before, during, and after the school day. The District hosted one of the largest Chrommecamps in South Jersey. The schools promoted their maker spaces, design studios, and student-led school camps.  During his ten-year tenure, the District’s schools continued to improve as evidenced by the students’ (academic and social-emotional) and staff’ (curriculum understanding and pedagogy) growth. As his knowledge grew, so did his service to the profession. Dr. Davis served as an unofficial lead to many of his colleagues across the county. His collaborative nature and passion for the region led him to become involved in numerous county (Professional Development Plan and Technology Plan review committees and Title III Consortium Lead) and state (Future Ready Schools) level positions. He participated in numerous district and national trainings by Achieve the Core and became a Core Advocate in the process. Dr. Davis is proud of the many teachers- and school leaders that he helped to develop over his tenure. His broad knowledge of educational theory, research, and practice, brought him to his first superintendency in Audubon, New Jersey.


Dr. Davis is proud of the Audubon school community’s accomplishments over the past five years. He attributes this growth and his success to the close relationships he has forged with various community groups (Audubon Education Foundation, Audubon Father’s Association, the Commissioners and Mayor (Audubon Borough and Audubon Park), Parent Teacher Association, and Young At Heart) as well as the pride and excellence that is Audubon. 

Some successes that have come to or shortly will come to fruition include but are not limited to:

  • The balancing of a 2 million dollar budget deficit,
  • Moving to a zero-based budgeting process and the further refinement of District budgeting practices through the support of our budget managers, 
  • The creation of and continued growth of Capital and Maintenance Reserve accounts, 
  • The creation of a four- to five-year student (laptops) and staff (laptops, interactive boards, projectors, etc.) evergreen program that is fully funded under the general budget, 
  • The financial commitment to the curriculum revision and professional development cycle through the consistent allocation of monies in the general budget, 
  • Steady marks of growth on the mandatory New Jersey State assessments,
  • Targeted creation of new positions (Athletic Trainer, AHS Hallway Monitors, ESL Teacher, Mathematics Coach, Mental Health Assistance Counselor, Middle School Interventionists for ELA and Math, Preschool Staff, Preschool Master Teacher, and Level I and II Technicians), 
  • Addition of after-school activities and clubs at our schools Haviland Avenue (Fitness Club, Gardening Club, Kindergarten Art Club, Lego Club, Math Maniacs, Mindfulness Club, and Yoga Club), Mansion Avenue (Gardening Club, Helping Hands, Homework Club, and STEAM Challenge), and Jr-Sr High (Dungeon & Dragons and Gaming Club),    
  • The securing of Preschool Education Aid and the creation of five full-day preschool classes, 
  • Improved programs and services based on community input, e.g. Free Personal Hygiene Products, Gun Safety (BeSmartForKids), and Safe Routes to School, 
  • Approved grant proposals for Emergency Aid, US Department of Justice C.O.P.S. Secure Our Schools Grant Program, Emergency Connectivity Fund, NJ Green Energy Grant, NJ Local Improvement Grant, NJ Trees for School Grant, etc.,
  • School (Security) Mapping,
  • Facilities upgrades including district-wide system Controls & fiber optics, phone systems and the Jr-Sr High Auxiliary Gymnasium, Baseball Backstop, and Track,  
  • Website and messaging system changes and upgrades including but not limited to the Board page (Becoming a BOE Member, Policy & Regulation links), Curriculum (Digital Access to All Curricula), Child Study Team (Referral Process, Project Find, Services and FAQ), Employment page (Contracts, Guides, Application Materials, Postings), etc.,  
  • The successful passing of a 26.8 million dollar bond referendum which includes but is not limited to the following upgrades:
    • Art Rooms (AHS and MAS)
    • Bells, Clocks, and Public Announcement Systems (all facilities)
    • Boilers (AHS and MAS)
    • Cafeteria Upgrades (e.g. ovens, service line (salad bar and grab & go stations, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, stoves, warmers, etc.,
    • Classroom Renovations (AHS Carpet to Tile)
    • Closed Circuit Televisions (all facilities)
    • Door Entry Fob Access (all facilities)
    • Exterior Brick Work (AHS and HAS) 
    • Haviland Gymnasium
    • HVAC (all facilities)
    • Jr-Sr High School Facilities (Basketball Courts, Locker Rooms, Main Gymnasium, Woodshop, Wrestling Room, and Football Stadium) 
    • Library Media Center (all facilities)
    • Lighting (all facilities - some work completed through the Green Energy Grant)
    • Playground Renovations (e.g. asphalt, equipment, fencing) at HAS and MAS 
    • Roofing (all facilities),
    • District-Wide Technology Infrastructure (e.g. access points, mainframe, towers, switches)  
  • Upgrades to the student information system including the alignment of the IEP portal to Genesis, 
  • Encouragement of Mansion staff’s application as a School of Character and their awarding as a 2022 Promising Practice School (R.O.A.R. Rallies) and a 2024 New Jersey School of Character, 
  • An expansion of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports across the grade levels, 
  • A Three-Year Equity Initiative with Rowan University, 
  • A Two-Year agreement with the Camden County Educational Services Commission’s Wellness Interagency Network (WIN) to provide comprehensive mental health support for our faculty & staff and students & their family,   
  • The addition of the Prekindergarten through Sixth Grade students in the monthly Board of Education Spotlight Student recognition program, 
  • The formal adoption of the New Jersey Governor’s Educator Recognition program and the inclusion of teachers, educational specialists, paraprofessionals, and our facility and maintenance staff in these honors,
  • Traversing a pandemic that necessitated the support of faculty, staff, parents, caregivers, and students socially and emotionally, 
  • Review and update all outdated and newly impacted Board Policies and Regulations, and  
  • A marked increase in the District’s standings on the New Jersey Department of Education’s monitoring and district self-evaluation system for public schools, Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC). An initial increase was followed by additional improvements in District practices and scores. Through his leadership and the employee’s (administration, faculty, and staff) work, the District was designated as “high performing” on their last review.


Audubon Public Schools, Superintendent

  • New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum - High Performing District
  • Haviland Avenue Elementary School - New Jersey Safe Routes to School 2024 Bronze Award
  • Mansion Avenue Elementary School - New Jersey Safe Routes to School 2024 Bronze Award 
  • Mansion Avenue Elementary School - New Jersey School of Character 2024
  • Mansion Avenue Elementary School Character.Org Promising Practice 2022 

Harrison Township School District, Chief Academic Officer

  • District - New Jersey Future Ready District 2017-2018
  • District - Google Reference District 2016-To Date
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School - New Jersey Future Ready School 2017-2018
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School - Google Reference School 2016-To Date
  • Pleasant Valley Elementary School - New Jersey Schools to Watch 2017-2020
  • Harrison Township Elementary School - NJ Future Ready School 2017-2018
  • Harrison Township Elementary School - NJ Future Ready School 2017-2018

Dr. Davis has been married to his wife Kristin since 2004. They have four children, two daughters (Lilly & Ella) and twin boys (Luke & Gabe). Kristin is an English Language Arts and Mathematics interventionist for the Camden County Educational Services Commission and a coach for the South Jersey Aquatics Club.