The Opiate Crisis: Bringing Awareness, Hope, and Resources to our Community

Posted on: 05-10-2017

The Haddonfield Municipal Alliance is sponsoring a night for the community to learn about the current epidemic in our state and community on Tuesday, May 23 from 7:00 - 8:00.  Often we feel that we are immune to issues related to drugs, but this current epidemic is impacting people from all walks of life.  During this night, we will have three speakers.  Zac Clark, a former graduate of HMHS, will discuss his story as a Haddonfield teenager and his struggles to change his life.  He brings pertinent information to the Haddonfield community from both his personal and professional experiences.  Dr. McCormick and Ms Christine Storm will bring more expertise regarding the current issues impacting our society providing various information that will help all of us become educated on the issue.  The information presented will be beneficial for all community members with children in the district.  If you are questioning whether you would like to attend, please read this quick interactive article.  It will show the importance for all citizens to be educated on this crisis and the importance in attending the presentation.