Principal's Corner





Hello Haviland!  

I hope your summer has been relaxing and fun! Here is some important information about the opening of school on September 6.

MORNING DROP OFF---On Wednesday, September 6th, the first bell rings at 8:00AM. Grade 1 & 2 students proceed to the school yard where the lines for each class/grade are clearly marked. (If you are looking for a first day picture spot, use the sign in front of school before having your child move into the school yard to line up.)

We request that parents remain outside the school yard to allow the safety patrol and staff to get the students in order and ready to move into the building on the 8:05 bell. 

AFTERNOON PICK-UP---On Wednesday, September 6th, we have 12:20 dismissal. Grade 1 will dismiss out back to Logan Avenue on the first bell. On the second bell, Grade 2 students will dismiss out front to Haviland Avenue.

Each kindergarten class will have a pick up place near the closest exit to the classroom. Teachers will share this with you at the Meet & Greet on September 1. Thanks, in advance for your cooperation. We expect the first few days of coming and going to be hectic. Your calm cooperation and flexibility will be greatly appreciated. Once we begin, we can make any adjustments needed to make things run more smoothly.

☺All Kindergarten Students will report to school at 9:00AM on the first day of school, Wednesday, September 6th. With over 85+ new kindergarten students starting, we are staggering start time to reduce the size of the crowd. So, while Grades 1 and 2 will arrive by 8:00AM, the 9:00AM start for kindergarten will help us to manage and keep all students safe.

Kindergarten Students and their parents are invited to school 1:00-2:00PM on Friday, September 1. Students will line up in the schoolyard. Then, they will go to their classrooms with their teachers. During the hour they will be introduced to their classroom and classmates. At the same time, parents will join Dr. Slowik in the cafeteria for a "meet & greet". This will be an opportunity to share any last minute information, answer any questions, and make you aware of afternoon pick up locations. We certainly hope you can join us.

Remember to read and respond to all TAKE HOMES. The electronic "Virtual Backpack" is the life line between Home and School. Each Wednesday, please log on to the Virtual Backpack link on the Haviland Web Page. Hard copies of take homes will only be sent home if the subject is Grade specific, or it is a form that needs to be returned with your signature. Everything else will be available online.

The Parent Handbook is especially important. It can answer many of your questions and save many phone calls to the school office.

Get in the habit of checking the District and School Website and particular, this Principal's Page on a regular basis too. This is where you will find the most updated School/District information. Teachers also have web pages with ongoing important information about your child's classroom happenings.

We are all looking forward to Back to School Night on Thursday, September 28, 7:00PM. It is your chance to meet the teachers and staff, learn about the curriculum and classroom procedures, and have any of your remaining questions answered.

Get ready for another exciting Learning Adventure! Good bye until next time!

   "Expect Miracles"