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Welcome to Audubon Public School’s Department of Special Services information page.  Here you will find information regarding programs and services provided through the Department of Special Services. 

The Audubon School District Office of Special Services provides a wide range of special education programs to address the needs of students with disabilities.  Services span preschool through grade 12 and students who wish to extend their academic and vocational training through age 21.  In addition to providing educational services to students, the Department of Special Services also supports teachers and families in their efforts to educate students with special needs.

Student services might include program supports within the general education classroom and with the general education teacher.  Teaching staff might receive supports in the classroom or consultation outside the classroom to increase support, develop strategies or make educational material recommendations. Parent support and training also may be recommended to increase classroom success. Teaching staff supports may also be provided in special education settings based on the needs of students.  These settings may be in self-contained classrooms or in resource center placements depending on student need.

Our goal is to provide supports to students, teachers and families to facilitate access to education for all students.

Special Education

Our commitment to the educational community of Audubon is to serve the diverse population of students with special needs.  Our goal is to help students procure educational skills that will establish life-long learning and assist students attain their potential in their life and in their careers.

Child Study Team Services

The Child Study Team (CST) is a group of professionals employed by Audubon Public Schools who provide consultative, evaluative and prescriptive educational services to students, teachers and parents on behalf of students who are experiencing school-related difficulties.

Department of Special Services Staff

Jeanne Opeil-Kernoschak
Director of Special Services

Patricia Coyle

Assistant Secretary
Mary Wicker 

Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant
Pennie Bigelow, MA

School Counselor
Paul Rogers, MSW, LCSW

School Psychologists
Noelle Bisinger, EdS, NCSP
Jillian Matysik, EdS, NCSP
Jamie Rice, PhD, NCSP
Nancy Scully, EdS, NCSP

School Social Worker
Maria Pousatis, MSW, LSW

Speech Language Pathologists
Ilana Ablon
Jenna Donahue
Melody Laranjeira
Debra Nanni
Jaclyn Sloan

Contact Information

Audubon Public Schools
Office of Special Services/Child Study Team
Audubon High School
350 Edgewood Avenue
Audubon, NJ  08106

Phone: (856) 547-7695, ext. 4152
Fax: (856) 547-2303


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